Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the Graduate Professional Student Association was established under Title IV of the GPSA Constitution, in order to provide the graduate students of Arizona State University with a judicial body which ensures a fair, equitable, and impartial means of adjudicating disputes arising under the Constitution and the Bylaws of GPSA. Hearing cases not expressly reserved for the ASASU Supreme Court, the Court is independent of GPSA’s Executive and Legislative branches. Thus, all rulings of the Court are binding on the GPSA Executive Committee and Assembly. Issues for the Court can be forwarded to any of the Court’s sitting members, the GPSA President, or the Assembly President for placement on the docket. Any student may bring a case to the court, which shall be heard by a quorum of the Justices.

Membership on the Court is open to all members of GPSA who are in good standing with Arizona State University. Justices are nominated during the final meeting of the year, and are appointed for a one year term that lasts from noon on the Monday of graduation, to the Monday of graduation the next year. Sessions begin on the first day of school for the Fall semester, and last until the last day of Spring semester.

The Clerk of the Court is also open to any graduate student in good standing with the University. The Clerk is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all records related to the Court, and is responsible for publicizing them within seven days of a decision being reached by the Court. As such, they also work in conjunction with the Government Operations Committee to ensure that all decisions are publicized to all relevant GPSA Executive and Legislative members, in a timely manner.

Any student who is interested in joining the Court as either a Justice or the Clerk should send an e-mail to the GPSA Secretary/Parliamentarian, with a resume and a cover letter stating why they wish to join the Court. Periodically, Justices will leave the court, so there may be opportunities to join during the middle of the year.

Below are active members of the Court, Justices:

  1. Alyssa Sherry (
  2. Alec Tyra (
  3. Sarah Beene Ericksen (
  4. Angelica Amezcua (
  5. Abbey Hawthorne (

Clerk of the Court: Logan Mathesen (