How to Submit a Research Grant Application in ZoomGrants

How to Submit a Research Grant Application in ZoomGrants:

  1. Applicants must review all program guidelines and instructions.
  2. Once you have reviewed the program guidelines, you may start your Research  Grant application. To do so, you will need to create an applicant profile in GPSA’s ZoomGrants application site.

First Time Users:

Click here to create a new profile in ZoomGrants

  • On the right side of the page, you will see an area called “New ZoomGrants Account” – Enter in your information and make sure to choose an email you want associated with your applicant profile.
  • You can use the same user profile for applying to any GPSA TRAVEL grant program.
  • You will only need to create a profile once

Note: For students who are also serving as reviewers (judges):

  • If you have a ZoomGrants judge profile from reviewing for a competition, but have never created a regular user profile, you will need to create a separate user/applicant profile with a unique email address in order to apply for a grant.

How to Start a New Application in ZoomGrants:

  • To start a new application, select the GPSA Research Grant Programs from the menu of open programs and then select ‘APPLY’. You will see this listed under the “Open Programs” section of the ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association Page.

You must be on GPSA’s ZoomGrants page to start and submit an application. You can only locate this page via this direct ZoomGrants link.

  • Applicants must complete and submit a ZoomGrants application before the submission deadline (see guidelines for specific dates and times.)
  • Please note you MUST remove your name from your CV/Resume when submitting your application, as this is a double-blind review process.
  • Media and Fine Arts applicants must submit all portfolio materials in PDF format, uploaded within the ZoomGrants application.
  • Applicants should ensure that their budget is complete and fully justified.
  • Applications that are incomplete or are not submitted in accordance with the program guidelines will not be considered for this award.


Your application may be revised and edited on ZoomGrants until it is submitted. To edit a started application or begin a new application with an existing profile, please follow the steps listed above.


Confirm you have completed all of the steps below:

Step 1: Start a new application in ZoomGrants (First-time users must create a profile)

Step 2: Make sure to the select the appropriate program you are applying for (JumpStart) and designate whether your application has a 1) Research Focus or 2) Media focus.

Step 3: Answer all of the application questions on ZoomGrants.

Step 4: Upload your CV (and portfolio document(s) if you are submitting a media/fine arts proposal). Please note you MUST remove your name from your CV/Resume when submitting your application, as this is a double-blind review process.

Step 5: Review and Submit your application by the appropriate deadline. NOTE: applications submitted after the deadline will not be eligible for consideration. 

  • We encourage applicants to not wait until the evening of the 1st to submit their application.  ZoomGrants could overload at this time, which could delay the time of submission past the deadline (11:59 PM). GPSA is not responsible for such delays, and applications submitted after the deadline are not eligible for funding.

You should receive an email confirmation that your application was submitted. You should receive an email from Please make sure to safe-list this email so notifications do not go to your spam folder.