Brand Assets

Identity Overview

The Brand and Style Guide for the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) is intended to provide guidance to all GPSA Executives, Assembly Members, and Student Organizations who are creating and promoting events in cooperation with the GPSA across University campuses. We do not want to limit your creativity, but also want to ensure that the message and voice of the GPSA is clearly and consistently communicated across media channels.


The GPSA logo comes in three iterations and features the GPSA logomark, logotype, and pitchfork. It comes in three iterations that are appropriate for use on GPSA branded print and digital materials. You can download usable versions for print and digital media in the Brand Materials shared folder.


Color Palette

The GPSA color palette mirrors the ASU Brand Guide’s suggested color palette with the primary colors used being ASU Maroon and Gold.


The GPSA utilizes ASU brand typography. Akzsidenz Grotesque is the main ASU typeface. However, this font is rather expensive to purchase and not available for free download. The secondary fonts for ASU is Arial and Roboto for web use. To download Roboto please visit Google Fonts for a free download. Arial is the main font used by GPSA.

Writing Style

The writing style for the GPSA is also inline with ASU brand guidelines. Keep messaging concise and on point. Utilize gender neutral language if the gender of the subject is unknown or if communicating to a broad, general audience. Avoid using excessive jargon and acronyms when writing for a general audience, and be as clear as possible.

Video & Social Media

Video and innovative social media are fun ways to advertise your event, and raise engagement with the GPSA. There are lots of easy-to-use platforms that are free and can help you quickly create engaging social media posts and videos.