Grant & Award Reviewer Information

Award Reviewers

GPSA relies on the support of peer reviewers to process and score applications. Serving as a reviewer also strengthens your own travel and research grant applications, as applicants are scored on service to the university.

If you would like to be a Reviewer for GPSA’s six awards  please fill out the Reviewer Interest form hereOnce you complete the mandatory online training, you will be ready to serve as a reviewer.

Reviewers should expect a total of 15-20 total working hours throughout the Spring 2020 semester. Reviewers are not eligible to review applications if they are applying for an Award for the Spring semester.

For questions, email


Grant Reviewers

If you are interested in being a reviewer for any of our travel grant programs, please fill out our interest form here. In this form, you will be able to select which grant program you would like to review for. A GPSA representative will be in touch shortly thereafter.

Reviewers must attend a program-specific reviewer training at the beginning of the semester, and the VP of Internal Affairs and Directors of Travel/Research assign reviewers to research/travel applications each month.

All training sessions will be held on the ASU Tempe Campus.

FALL 2019 Reviewer Training Session Dates:** 
Research Grant Reviewer Training Sessions:
Tuesday, August 27, 4PM-5PM, MU 242 Lapaz (Memorial Union)
Wednesday, August 28, 11AM-12pm, MU 207 Gold Room (Memorial Union)

Travel Grant Reviewer Training Sessions:
Tuesday, August 27, 3PM-4PM, MU 242 Lapaz (Memorial Union)
Wednesday, August 28, 10AM-11AM, MU 207 Gold Room (Memorial Union)

**If these dates have passed and you would like to become a grant reviewer, please reach out to GPSA Travel ( or Research (

Reviewers will score 5-10 applications month, depending on volume. Reviewers are not eligible to review applications if they are applying for a travel grant during that month, or if there is a conflict of interest.

Reviewers can review multiple types of applications (e.g. research and travel) if they attend the respective reviewer training. You must attend a training for both research and travel if you would like to review for both programs. You only need to attend ONE training per grant program.

All reviewers (returning and new) are required to attend reviewer training in the fall annually. Reviewers only need to attend training once a year.

For reviewers already confirmed, please refer to the training powerpoint for more details on reviewing responsibilities.

In summary, to become a reviewer, please follow the steps below:

  • Fill out the Volunteer Form on the GPSA website and notate your interest in serving as a reviewer for travel/research or BOTH
  • A GPSA representative will contact you soon and ask you to designate which training you will be attending on a Google Form
  • The email will also contain updated dates/times of training sessions, and directions for accessing the training via Adobe Connect if you are unable to attend in-person
  • Make sure to attend a training session. We highly encourage applicants to attend training in-person.

Please reach out to or with any questions or ask a question in the Grant Reviewer Discussion section of the GPSA Forum.