2014-2015 GRSP Grant Recipients

Full Name Project Title Department
Adrian Chavez Changes in diet quality after dietary intervention Nutrition and Health Promotion
Alex Zoloto Time Perspective as a Predictor of Psychological D Counseling & Counseling Psychology
Andrea Torvinen Inter-Polity Interaction in the Northern Frontier School of Human Evolution & Social Change
Andrew Miller Effect of Rewind Yoga on Balance and Function School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Andrey Gunawan Thermogalvanic Waste Heat Recovery in Automobiles School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
Ashfaque Shafique Control of Epileptic Seizures Electrical Computer and Energy Engineering
Ashley Hagaman Suicide and Suicide Surveillance in Nepal School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Bonnie Raschke Local Perceptions of Caribbean Whale Watching School of Life Sciences
Brendan Miller Vitamin D: Part of the Alzheimer's Disease Puzzle? School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Brett Seymoure Butterflies in a new light: Behavior and Vision School of Life Sciences
Brian Haney Reproductive consequences of non-kin cooperation School of Life Sciences
Brittney Haselwood A Handheld Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnostic School of Biological and Health Systems Engineerin
Candace Lewis Epigenetic vulnerability to addictive behaviors Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience
Carter Daniels Role of the Dorsal Hippocampus in Timing Behavior Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience
Casey Sechler Managing Social Images in the Classroom School of Social and Family Dynamics
Christina Krieg Online Risk Assessment Training Counseling & Counseling Psychology
Claudia Thompson-Felty Fish Oil Supplementation and Blood Clotting Times Nutrition
Claudine Gravel-Miguel Impacts of geography on social networks School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Danielle Lussier Ketogenic diet enhances immunity to glioblastoma Molecular and Cellular Biology
David Messer Internet Mindfulness Training for Cancer Survivors Counseling & Counseling Psychology
Dong Won Ki Comparison of Two Anaerobic Processes School of Sustainable Engineering and The Built Environment
Drew Eppehimer Santa Cruz River Transboundary Management School of Social Transformation
Eleanna Prevedorou Paleomobility in the Prehistoric Aegean School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Emily Ghan Athletes For Life Home Food Environment School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Emily Jenchura Cultural Influences on College Stress and Support Psychology
Emily Kleber Geomorphic Evolution of Wheeler Ridge, California School of Earth and Space Exploration
Erin Kube Moderators to Occupational Congruence Counseling & Counseling Psychology
Halszka Glowacka Biomechanical Constraints on Molar Emergence School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Hannah Heavenrich Nitrate in Emerging 'Sustainable' Landscapes School of Life Sciences
Heather Harrington Tumor Regression By An Oncolytic Poxvirus Molecular and Cellular Biology
Hui Xu Career Decision Ambiguity Tolerance Scale Counseling & Counseling Psychology
Ileana Ratiu Effects of Brain Injury on Cognition in Bilinguals Speech and Hearing Science
Ja Youn Kwon Understanding the perceptions of faculty and pre-s Curriculum and Instruction
Jason Maarsingh Transcriptome response to deletion of prrAB School of Arts and Sciences
Jeremiah Molinaro Neurotransmitter Regulation: Novel Mechanisms School of Arts and Sciences
Jesse Vezina Motor Activity and Fitness Testing Study II Exercise & Wellness
Jessica Knurick Using Postmeal Walking to Prevent Diabetes School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Jessica Zuck Temperature Impact on Glycation of Serum Albumin School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Jesus Cisneros Undocuqueer Intersectionality Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Jodie Vann But Not Religious: Spirituality and the Secular Religious Studies
John Goodwin American Indian Activism for Higher Ed at Haskell School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
Joon Young Kim Candidate Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Study Kinesioligy
Katelyn Bolhofner Conquest and Conversion in Islamic Iberia School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Katherine Larrimore Plant-derived enzymes as an anti-cocaine treatment Molecular and Cellular Biology
Kathleen Corley Voices and Views of High School Students in SEI Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Keith Semken Effects of Assisted Cycle on Cognition in Adults Exercise & Wellness
Kristin Ricklefs Exploring the dilatory effects of low testosterone Nutrition
Laurel Kruke Beliefs and Behavioral Choices about Climate Chang School of Sustainability
Lauren Espinoza Yo Te Sigo Queriendo: Selena as (Re)memory English
Liang Liao Internalized Racism of Asian Americans Counseling & Counseling Psychology
Lina Franco Development of Diagnostic Methods for RNA Viruses Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mary Driese Ethics, NGOs, and Short-Term Medical Care School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Michelle Ipjian Adapting the MyFitnessPal App for Diet Instruction School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Nia Jarrett Iron depletion therapy and chromium supplementatio Nutrition
Nicolas Lessios Color Vision in the Sonoran Desert School of Life Sciences
Nora Schlesinger The Impact of Multisensory Instruction on Learning Speech and Hearing Science
Oswaldo Zapata The Compositions for Trumpet of Erik Morales School of Music
Patricia Wiseman Theory based Influenza text messaging study College of Nursing and Healthcare innovation
Rebecca Lish Access, Access, Read All About It Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Richard Simpson The Evolution of Hummingbird Visual Signals School of Life Sciences
Sarah Bryant Emotional Response of PA Report in Women Health Promotion
Sarah Klassen Evaluating the Water Management of Koh Ker School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Sarah Striker The Social Dynamics of Coalescence School of Human Evolution and Social Change
Shelley Valle Food availability and the timing of reproduction School of Life Sciences
Simon Holzapfel Treadmill Training for Stroke Survivors School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Sisi Gao Stress-Induced Immunosuppression in an Urban Bird School of Life Sciences
Sultan Kilinc Teachers' and Parents' Views on Inclusive educatio Curriculum and Instruction
Tanvi Prasad Honap Investigating leprosy in nonhuman primates School of Life Sciences
Taylor Goett Consequences of Vitamin B12 Nutriture in the Elder Nutrition and Health Promotion
Taylor Oshan Spatial Flows in Complex Urban Environments School of Geographical sciences and urban planning
Travis Rusch Predation threat in varying thermal environments Biology
Trisha Hoffman Exploratory Study of Shared Medical Appointments Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
Wesley Tucker Exercise Reduces Adverse Effects of Overeating Exercise & Wellness
Wooyoung Sung Examining a systems design approach at Mayo Clinic The Design School
Xiang Gao Elder Maltreatment among Chinese Americans School of Social Work
Yunze Yang Label-free imaging of intracellular dynamics Electrical Engineering/ECEE
Zachary Zeigler Weight Cycling and Cardiovascular Health Exercise & Wellness
Zoe Yeh Is Vinegar Effective for Reducing Heartburn? Nutrition