2015/2016 Athletics Research Grant Recipients

Full Name Degree Sought Title College, Schools or Institute
Heidi Lynch Doctorate Degree Muscle synthesis and strength development following a 12-week resistance training program: a comparison between consuming soy and whey protein supplements matched for leucine content College of Health Solutions
Christopher Perry Doctorate Degree The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Muscle Recovery after Eccentric Resistance Training College of Health Solutions
Luke Brenneman Doctorate Degree Sport as a Tool to Reduce Prejudice: Intentional Intergroup Contact at the Rio 2016 Olympics and Beyond Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and School of Social Transformation
Anna Montana Cirell Doctorate Degree Brazil’s Digital Landscape Surrounding the 2016 Olympic Games Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Tongyu ma Doctorate Degree Effect of traditional natural food on insulin sensitivity among abdominal obese individuals College of Health Solutions
Tien Tran Undergraduate Degree Assisted Cycling Therapy for Older Adults with Down Syndrome College of Health Solutions
Christina Lam Doctorate Degree Exploring Implicit Biases Toward College Student Athletes: Awareness and Implications College of Letters and Sciences
Kate Zemek Doctorate Degree Novel ways to improve hydration status in collegiate club athletes School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Timothy Panknin Undergraduate Degree Exercise Preconditioning and Preservation of AMPK Signaling in an Animal Model of Breast Cancer Chemotherapy School of Nutrition and Health Promotion
Jennifer Good Undergraduate Degree Understanding Contact Sports Culture Relating To Brain Injuries and Policy to Protect Players College of Liberals Arts and Sciences
Alexandra Richards Doctorate Degree Using Mouthguards to Identify Concussion Severity College of Nursing & Health Innovation
Kendon Jung Masters Degree Zero Waste Athletics Research Grant Project Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College