2014/2015 Athletics Research Grant Recipients

Full Name Degree Sought Title College, Schools or Institute
Zachary Zeigler Doctorate Degree Obesity Paradox: Effects of Body Weight Cycling on Cardiovascular Health College of Health Solutions
Shauna Baker Doctorate Degree College Athletes, Classrooms, and Concussions: The Role of Working Memory and Attention on the Processing and Encoding of Academic Material College of Health Solutions
Edward Sarafin Masters Degree Smart Helmet for the Detection and Prevention of Concussive mTBIs IRA A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Benjamin Hook Undergraduate Degree Vascular Remodeling, Insulin Sensitivity and Vascular Stiffness Following a 4-month long Physical Activity Program IRA A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Heidi Lynch Doctorate Degree Body Composition, Strength, and Protein Source: A Comparison between Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian and Omnivore Division I Collegiate Athletes College of Health Solutions
Jennifer Matthews Masters Degree Interest in alternative approaches for gestational weight gain and maternal stress management during pregnancy: A survey College of Health Solutions
Simon Holzapfel Doctorate Degree The Efficacy of Assisted Cycling Therapy (ACT) for Improving Motor and Cognitive Function in Stroke Survivors College of Health Solutions
Andrew D'Lugos Doctorate Degree Effect of aerobic exercise intensity on skeletal muscle nutrient sensing and cardiovascular function in older adults College of Health Solutions
Liam O'Neill Undergraduate Degree High-intensity Exercise Prior to Chemotherapy Decreases Oxidative Stress in the Cardiovascular System College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Carlos Terminel Iberri Masters Degree Development of Haptic Sensory Experience for Enhanced Wayfinding in Hiking and Backpacking Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts
Jay Patel Doctorate Degree Failure Mechanisms in Polymer Matrix Composites: A Digital Image Correlation Study IRA A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Ashley Laverty Masters Degree Yogi Bears: An After-School Yoga and Drama Program Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts
Shuai Wang Doctorate Degree Using Discourse Analysis as a Non-invasive Tool to Investigate the Impact of Concussion on Professional Football Players in NFL College of Health Solutions
Cody Callahan Masters Degree The Collection, Warehousing and Analysis of Play-Level for ASU Football W.P. Carey School of Business