Outstanding Research Award

Applications open: Monday, January 14, 2019

Applications close: Monday, February 4, 2019


The Outstanding Research Award recognizes graduate and professional students that exemplify excellence in research on all ASU campuses. The award aims at fostering the development of innovative projects or research of interdisciplinary character that demonstrate a positive impact on the academic/local community with notable contribution to their field.


Program Information

Who is eligible?
All students enrolled in a graduate or professional program who have completed an independent research project in any field of knowledge before the end of their current degree are eligible candidates.

What is the prize?
The winners of the Outstanding Research Awards receive a $500 monetary prize, GPSA-endorsed certificate for Research Excellence, recognition on GPSA website and newsletter and are honored at the Annual Awards Ceremony in the spring.

*Prize amount may vary for International Students due to taxes.

What’s the process?

The process is very simple and is comprised of only two steps: Application and Decisions. 

  • Application: January 14– February 4, 2019

      • All applicants need to submit an online application through Zoom Grants along with a research portfolio including a CV and letter of recommendation (see required documents below) by February 4, 2019.
      • Each application will be thoroughly evaluated—in a blind review process—by trained peer-reviewers of the Awards Committee. Their evaluation criteria will follow (but not be limited to) creativity, innovation, contributions to the field of research, positive impact on people’s lives and society at large, and dissemination of findings. Consult the applicant rubric for scoring criteria.

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    Applicant Rubric

  • Decisions: April 25

    • The Awards Committee reaches the final decisions based on the online application and the required documents.
    • GPSA will promptly email award letters to the winners.
    • Winners are awarded $500 prize and a GPSA-endorsed research excellence certificate for their contribution to their field of knowledge at the prestigious GPSA Awards Ceremony in Spring 2019.


Application and Required Documents

All the online applications are completed through Zoom Grants website hereThe application consists of questions regarding the originality, impact, contributions, and future applications of your research project. 

The research portfolio (to be uploaded to each individual application) is comprised of the following documents:

(1)   An abbreviated CV (no more than 4 pages) highlighting research and scholarship.

–       Please do not include your name on the CV, as we maintain a blind review process.

(2)   A letter of recommendation from either a staff, faculty, or community member familiar with the applicant’s research.

–       Ask your recommender to not include your name on the letter, due to our blind review process.

Note: As we maintain a blind review process, please make sure your name does not appear on any of the documentsIf necessary, black out your name from headers, listed publication titles, events, etc.



If you have questions, please contact GPSA’s Awards Team (gpsa.awards@gmail.com) or ask a question in the Awards section of the GPSA Forum.



The Outstanding Research Award program is run by the Office of Professional Development, overseen by the Vice President of Professional Development and the Director of Awards.