Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Event Funding

*GPSA is now accepting summer applications for GSO funding! Please see the notes below for stipulations and guidelines.

NOTE FOR GSO’S REGARDING COVID-19: Please plan your event using the recommended guidelines from the CDC, WHO, and consult with ASU’s Latest Updates. Funding for events will NOT be postponed for future dates. Organizations that move their events beyond the month originally applied for will need to reapply for funding. Please review GSO funding timelines. Virtual/online events will be considered similarly to in-person events. Please contact us or read the guidelines below if you have any questions regarding what we would consider funding.

*Update for 2020-2021: Please see the guidelines set out by ASU regarding event guidelines and a recent one-pager regarding virtual event funding. GSO funding will take into consideration all requests which clearly state the ways in which they will adhere to these policies. Failure to outline the processes listed in the ASU documentation may result in denial of funds. If adherence to these rules is not carried out, reimbursement of funds and future funding may be denied for the organization.

GSO funds awarded by the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) is to assist clubs and organizations on campus and to create a robust student experience outside of the classroom. These funds come from your graduate student programming fees and are decided by students, for students. The students responsible for this distribution are elected to the GPSA Assembly and represent each of the academic colleges offered at ASU campuses.

Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) may apply for GPSA funding to support ASU events. Applications are limited to $2,000 per event, and may include requests for funding for several events (up to $2,000 each) up to 3 but no later than 1 month in advance. All expenses must receive prior approval before purchase to be eligible for reimbursement.  Please read the following instructions carefully.

No exceptions will be made to the Funding Policy for any reason. 

GSO’s are encouraged to apply for funding as early as possible in accordance with GSO funding deadlines. In addition, GSO’s are encouraged to seek multiple funding streams for their events.  
NOTE: Funding is not guaranteed.

Before you start

  1. Make sure your organization is registered through EOSS and listed on SunDevilSync.
  2. Review these items
    1.  2020 GSO Funding Guide (review this prior to applying)
    2. ASU Approved Vendor List (use this when selecting vendors for your event)
    3. 2020 GSO Spending Guide (review this for questions about spending/reimbursement)
    4. SunDevilSync Guide (review this if unfamiliar with SunDevilSync)
    5. Best Practices Guide (guide to beginning an organization and funding)


Submitting Your Application

GSO Funding uses Engage (SunDevilSync) for all budget submissions. 

Please submit your budget request through your GSO’s SunDevilSync HERE


The deadline for GSO Funding applications is on the 1st of the month before the month of your event date. Organizations are always encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

  • GSO’s can apply for funding three months prior to your event date
  • Large Budget applications should apply ASAP for funding
  • GPSA cannot fund:
    • Events held from June 15th-July 1st
Month of Event Earliest Submission Date Latest Submission Date 
August June 1 July 1
September July 1 August 1
October August 1 September 1
November September 1 October 1
December October 1 November 1
January November 1 December 1
February December 1 January 1
March January 1 February 1
April February 1 March 1
May March 1 April 1
June *No Funding after 6/15 April 1 May 1
July *No Funding on 7/1 May 1 June 1

After Approval 

GSO’s will be notified of their request’s approval no more than five days after the General Assembly meets during their monthly meeting. If approved, GSO’s will connect with Business Specialist Sr. Jessica Thompson to work on their reimbursement forms. GSO’s will be emailed their next steps after Assembly approval. Please contact Jessica Thompson ( with any questions about the next steps.

Reimbursement requests use SunDevilSync. All information will be located under the “Create Purchase Request” of your finance tab. If you do not wish to use SunDevilSync (although encouraged), you may use the forms provided below.

Same Forms for After Approval

Please note: 

Beginning your Payment Request in SunDevilSync or email request, be sure to title it as GPSA: GSO [INSERT GSO NAME]

This is necessary in order to find, review, and process the Payment Request. If you do not title it correctly, it is the GSO’s responsibility to coordinate with the business office specialist for approval (i.e. communicate with business office specialist, provide the necessary documents, etc.). GPSA will not give exceptions for late Payment Requests due to this reason.

GSO Committee Meeting Schedule

GSO Funding and Outreach Meetings (Meetings held online, within the first two weeks of each month)

**The GPSA GSO Funding Committee meetings are closed to GSOs unless otherwise specified.

General Restrictions

GSO events often consist of research symposia, conferences, speaker series and colloquia that depend on appropriate uses of GPSA funding for items such as space rental, honorariums, conference materials and other organizational expenses and equipment. GSOs can ask for funding for single events, or events presented in a series with one funding request. 

The GPSA GSO Funding Committee considers, among other things, the:

  1. Number of ASU graduate students served
  2. Level of service offered to the university
  3. Enhancement of student professionalism
  4. Availability of alternative funding sources when making funding decisions
  5. Emphasis on sustainable best practices during an event 


The following items cannot be funded by GPSA. 

Please note: Applications that request over $2,000.00 will automatically be denied. 

  1. Activities that are not open to all ASU Graduate and Professional Students
  2. Activities that subsidize University administrative services 
  3. Activities that have already occurred, prior to Assembly approval 
  4. Expedited shipping, production, or processing fees 
  5. Requests for salaries, wages, compensation, registrations, conference fees or travel for persons who are members of the requesting group
  6. Gifts and/or gift certificates
  7.  Donations to charitable organizations or events 
  8. Parking fines
  9. Legislative lobbying efforts or activities that support referenda or candidates for elected office 
  10. Activities that are limited to a single political partisanship
  11. Activities that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation
  12. Grants, scholarships, cash rewards, tolls or charges, and gift cards
  13. Office supplies and postage
  14. Donations for charitable events
  15. Sports activities covered by the club sports account (SDFC and Sports Club Association)
  16. Membership dues (individual or organizational)
  17. Equipment for events i.e cameras
  18. Activities that pose a substantial risk or serious injury or death
  19. Activities that are in violation of Arizona State University policy 
    1. a. Any Event or item used directly by the Graduate Student Organization (“GSO”) to make a profit
    2. b. Travel (travel for students must be applied for through the GPSA Travel Grant Fund)
    3. c. Travel expenses that cannot be funded include mileage reimbursement or gas.
  20. Travel expenses for invited guests or speakers
    1. Honorariums are not the same as speaker/performer fees. Honorariums are gifts to invited guests and cannot be used towards speaker travel expenses. If you intend to use funds to aid a speaker’s travel fees you will need to specify you are asking for speaker/performer fees NOT honorarium. For more questions about this distinction please contact the President Pro Tempore. 
    2. Speaker/performer fees are considered income to the guest and may result in issuance of a 1099 from tax services.
    3. ASU Faculty/Staff are not eligible recipients of honorariums or speaker/performer fees
  21. Capital goods
  22. Alcoholic beverages
  23. Expenditures that are not in compliance with all University policies and procedures, including those enacted by University Student Initiatives
  24. Meals or food that cost $25 or more, per person
  25. Events held at private residences (i.e. Professor or student house) 
  26. Travel expenses for out-of-state travel (see GPSA Travel Grants)
  27. Business Cards
  28. Flyers
  29. Printing 
  30. Website hosting and domain names
  31. Subscriptions 
  32. Magazines, newspapers, journals, etc.
  33. Venues
  34. GPSA will not pay venue fees for space for events
  35. Team Building activities 
    1. The Sun Devils Fitness Center (SDFC) provides team building workshops to student groups free of charge and can tailor the activities to your needs. Instead of having the student body pay for your group to do an activity such as Escape the Room, we encourage groups to work with the SDFC to develop your group dynamics. 
  36. Photography 
  37. Social Events over $350.00
  38. Please limit spending on social events/hours to no more than $350.00 (happy hours, coffee hours, etc.)
    1. Take advantage of activities happening on and around campus. Have your club members all attend an ASU athletic or sport club event instead of asking for money to see a professional sporting event; your admission is already covered in your student fees and you can support your fellow Sun Devils at the same time. There are always fun activities happening on campus from the events planned by PAB or heritage month celebrations 

GSO Summit Training

GSO Summits are conducted throughout the fall and spring semesters and are intended to update GSO’s on funding policy changes, provide professional development for GSO leaders, and collect input on how to improve GSO funding. The GSO Funding Committee prides itself on consistently updating funding policies and procedures based on the input of student leaders and student organizations who apply for funding each year. If you were not able to attend our previous summits, you can access the presentations below:


**For the fall and spring of 2020-21, the GSO Summits have been turned into monthly GSO Town Halls and will serve the same purpose as the previous summits. Here, GSOs can ask questions about funding and provide feedback. Only registered participants may attend, but individuals looking to start their own GSO may attend and ask questions. These will be held monthly on the last Friday of each month. See the link and times below:

  • GSO Town Halls 2021-22: TBD
    • *No Town Halls Nov. and Dec. due to holiday observation
  • Zoom link here: TBD
  • All other inquiries may be emailed with contact info below

Interested in Creating a GSO?

If you’re interested in creating a Graduate Student Organization, check out the GSO Best Practice Guide to learn about the process and gain tips on how to make your organization successful.


Assembly President Pro Tempore – Wen Wendt 

Assembly President – Jamal Brooks-Hawkins

You can also ask questions in the Graduate Student Organization/Event Funding section of the GPSA Forum.