GPSA provides several grants and subsidies to fund individual graduate and professional students and graduate student organizations.

Travel Grants

Individual Travel Grant

The funds awarded from this program are used to support individual student travel to regional, national and international conferences directly related to students’ graduate programs of study or professional development. Learn more.

Group Travel Grant

The Group Travel Grant is designed to support groups of ASU graduate and professional students in their regional, national, and international travel. Learn more.

Internship Travel Grant

The Internship Travel Reimbursement Program is designed to support graduate and professional students with the cost of travel to and from an internship or similar course (e.g., practicum, field placement, etc.) Learn more.

Interview Travel Grant

As graduate students prepare to graduate, they also face having to interview as part of the job search or to secure internships as part of their programs’ final requirement. Through this initiative, students are able to procure funds for travel to interviews for both post-graduate positions and graduate internships. Learn more.

Career Development Grant

The Career Development Grant supports individual travel to and from professional development activities, such as certifications, workshops, trainings, exhibitions, performances, competitions and other activities directly related to the student’s graduate programs of study or professional development. Learn more.

Travel Funding FAQ and Forum

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about travel grants here or ask a new question in the Travel Grants section of the GPSA Forum.

Research Grants

JumpStart Research Grant

This program is designed to give graduate students seed funding to jumpstart their research endeavors. With the funds, we hope graduate students will be able to complete pilot studies, programs for larger grant applications, or smaller fine arts and media projects. Learn more.

Graduate Research Support Program

The Graduate Research Support Program provides funds for thesis/dissertation as well as independent research. Learn more.

Athletics Research Grant Program

This program provides funding for undergraduate and graduate research proposals broadly focused on athletic related research endeavors. The grant awards reimbursable financial support for thesis, dissertation, and independent research. Learn more.

Publication Grant Program

This program is designed to help graduate and professional students publish their work in open access format publications (e.g. peer-reviewed journals, magazines, etc.) by assisting them with paying their article processing charges (APCs) or publication fees. Learn more.

Research Funding FAQ and Forum

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about research grants here or ask a new question in the Research Grants section of the GPSA Forum.

Child Care Funding

Child Care Subsidy

This program supports ASU student parents in obtaining their degree via a subsidy of child care services. Learn more.

Funding for Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Funding

This program provides funding for ASU events organized by registered Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs). Learn more.

Become a Grant Reviewer

GPSA relies on the support of peer reviewers to process and score applications. Serving as reviewer also strengthens your own travel and research grant applications, as applicants are scored on service to the university. Read more about becoming a reviewer for any of our travel grant programs.