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    Research Assistantship (RA) appointments are offered for all current and potential graduate students (Masters and Ph.D.) to assist Faculty with ongoing research support. In many cases, the research that is performed can also serve as the student’s dissertation research topic. Along with this advantage, the RA position also provides students the following benefits:
    • Financial stipend to assist faculty with research
    • Tuition waivers
    • Health insurance benefits


    The successful candidate(s) will work on research efforts with partners in numerous industries (construction, IT, services, HR, supply chain, etc.) in dynamic, fast-paced, real-time research and education. Note: Your specific degree/major does NOT need to be with the faculty member’s department or college. Key responsibilities include:

    Research Activities and Responsibilities
    • Assist faculty with documenting research projects across the supply-chain.
    • Participate with the research team on project meetings with public and private organizations.
    • Collect information/data for various forms of investigative science, including performance, human factors, risk, cost, etc.
    • Conduct analysis on data and research to identify trends, opportunities for improvements, and potential risk (this position will be heavily dependent on the use of MS Excel).
    • Manage the collected data and assist the team in analysis and organization of the data.
    • Independently analyze MS Excel spreadsheets that contain project information to identify errors, inaccuracies, trends, etc.
    • Create high-level summaries of various information.
    • Compile information from various sources (online, publications, historical records, etc.).
    • Reporting directly to faculty and/or senior researchers.

    Publishing Papers
    • Perform online searches of professional and academic publications to determine critical submission dates, formatting requirements, etc.
    • Assist researchers in obtaining references and summarizing key information from publications.
    • Assist in formatting and organizing data into useful publications. Data may come from industry surveys, interviews, project records, etc.
    • The student may write summaries of major results and analyses.
    • It is desired that the student will have sufficient capability to afford them the opportunity to co-author journal and conference publications.


    • Exposure to a variety of organizations/companies in the public and private sectors (including Fortune 100 companies)
    • Collaboration with Subject Matter Experts, consultants, and researchers from multiple Universities
    • Building professionalism skills by managing a team of student workers, leading meetings, and conducting presentations
    • Research acumen, analytical, and critical thinking skills
    • An understanding of how to utilize industry data and analytics to develop research
    • Developing tools to increase efficiency of research
    • Expansion of your networking base by attending conferences


    To be eligible for this position, the applicant must:
    • Be enrolled as a student at ASU
    • Be able (and is expected) to work 20 hours per week (Mon-Fri.)
    • Have effective written and verbal communication skills (English language)
    • Be Proficient with MS Word and MS Excel
    • Be organized
    • Be an independent worker


    The desired qualifications are:
    • Graduate student with at least two years remaining until graduation
    • Undergraduate student (senior), that will be pursuing a graduate degree next semester
    • Previous office experience
    • Technical writing skills
    • Leadership skills

      ABOUT US

    Our collaborative team of faculty and researchers specialize in organizational assessment, process improvement, and advanced procurement delivery systems. To learn more about us, visit us at:
    We conduct research for a wide array of Public and Private organizations, such as:
     Google
     Intel
     US Army
     Canon
     City of Los Angeles
     Harvard University
     General Dynamics
     State of Alaska
     FAA
     University of California
     Georgia Pacific
     Arizona State Parks
    We are currently seeking 1-2 students that can assist us with ongoing research over the next 2-3 years. We have opportunities that start this Summer 2018. We would encourage you to apply if you meet all requirements and are interested in the duties outlined.


    • Prepare and send a 1-page resume and a 1-page summary of why you should be considered for this position (amongst all other candidates). Please send your response to Kristen Hurtado at
    • Please complete a questionnaire at to let us know your availability.

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