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    Paid Research Study: Call for Participants
    Participate voluntary in a Study: Game Board Study
    Study Details: During this study participants will play “Nictacs” and a modified version of Battleship. The participants will play these games either face-to-face, with their opponent in the same room but with no eye contact, or online. In order to win the game participants may want to deceive (e.g. lie) to their opponent. However, participants are NOT required to deceive (e.g. lie) in order to participate in this study.
    The study will last approximately 2.5 hours and you will be compensated $10 per hour. Morning and afternoon sessions will be available.
    If you are interested, please contact us at:
    You can participate in this study if you are:
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Have the ability to communicate in English
    • Have average or average to corrected vision and hearing
    • Have manual dexterity sufficient enough to move the game pieces
    Study will take place in ISTB 3 on the Polytechnic Campus, room 136 (we may run some studies in Tempe, but for now ALL studies will be on the Polytechnic Campus).

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