Denise Delgado, Director of Social Media Communications

I am an ASU student working on my Masters in Social Technologies, focusing on understanding and managing social media and other technologies, I am set to graduate in May 2020. Two fun facts about me would be, that I am obsessed with my pug Otis and traveling, it is my dream to see the whole world!

Wei Xu, Director of Digital Media Marketing

I am a second-year master student studying industrial design. During the first year in ASU, I enjoy being in the multicultural community. I joined GPSA to expand the influence of GPSA in this community with my skills. I like traveling by bike and I've traveled thousands of miles in China by bike.

Rachel Moss, Director of Print Marketing

I am a second year law student at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law. I joined GPSA so I could help spread the message about all of the amazing things GPSA does to fellow ASU students. When I'm not reading my textbooks, you can find me swimming, hiking, watching TV, or exploring Phoenix!

Mahmood Raza, Director of International Student Affairs

I am a 2nd year MBA student at W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. I did my Engineering from SRM University and worked as a Software Engineer in Bangalore for 5 years. I am passionate about community services and have volunteered for several NGOs working for the environmental cause. My keen interest to get involved in the student governing body pushed me to join the GPSA Assembly. As a director of the International Students Affair, I would like to work with the ISSC, ISE and various international students' clubs for the smooth transitioning of the International students to ASU. I hope to provide a strong voice to support graduate and professional students in their academic and career growth. I would like to advocate for more employment opportunities for international students and promote diversity at ASU.

Fun-fact: I care about environmental sustainability and am always ready for any kind of volunteering activities!

Paisley M. Benaza, Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Paisley M. Benaza, MBA is a communications strategist for brand marketing, diversity, and inclusion of women of color in the business of entertainment, media, and sports. As a Ph.D. student studying intersectional identity, technology, and advocating for socio-economic justice through sport and popular culture in a digital world, her research champions equality and access for all people.



Emma Lecarie, Director of Wellness

I am in my second year in the Clinical Psychology PhD program. I was excited to become involved in GPSA because I felt so welcomed to ASU and I would like to work to create that positive campus climate, promote well-being, and a cohesive community for graduate students of all programs. Before moving here I had lived in the northeast all of my life, so I have been enjoying the everyday sunshine and spending time outdoors!

Fatima Hafsa, Director of Outreach DPC

I’m a second year PhD student at School of Public Affairs. Fun fact about me: I enjoy walking without a destination. I joined GPSA for two reasons: 1) to create awareness regrading non-academic support for graduate students, 2) to start a dialogue on international student struggles.

Raj Dandamudi, Director of Outreach, Polytechnic

Hello fellow grad sundevils!! I am K P Raj Dandamudi, a fourth year Ph.D. candidate majoring in Chemical Engineering & Applied Statistics. I have been serving GPSA since Spring 2017 in assembly and executive positions advocating for graduate students. Fun fact: I have a cat who hates me for no reason and I am learning a new language. Yo hablo español.


Mohammed Alhassan, Director of Outreach West Campus

Mohammed Alhassan is a lifelong learner and an experiential leader with passion for innovation and continuous improvement. Through the International Accelerated Degree Program (IADP 3+1+1) Mohammed joined ASU last year from KNUST-Kumasi,Ghana, and completed his Bachelors in Supply Chain Management in Spring 2019. Mohammed is now a Master’s student in Global Logistics at the W.P. Carey School of Business. He’s a MasterCard Foundation Scholar at ASU, and the current GPSA Director of Outreach for the West campus.


Nivedita Mahesh, Director of Events

I am a third year PhD student in the School of Earth and Space Exploration. I joined GPSA because I wanted to meet people outside of my department and serve a large community at ASU.
Random fact(s): I have a bachelors in Instrumentation Engineering, Masters in Electrical Engineering and currently studying cosmology. I crochet like a grandma and I have learnt Indian classical dance for 15 years now.



Neeta Ashok Kumar , Director of Awards

I am a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering (4th year, SBHSE, ASU). Inspiration, I believe, is fundamental to success on all fronts. Through GPSA's awards program, I hope to motivate the ASU community toward higher levels of excellence.



Spencer Morgan, Director of State Legislative Affairs

Spencer is a 2L at Sandra Day-O'Conner College of Law and has been involved in student government since he was an undergraduate. He has professional experience in political campaigns, issue advocacy, and non-profit management. He currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Mesa Historical Society.



Thomas Arsenault, Director of Federal Affairs

My name is Thomas Arsenault and I am a second year Masters in Business Administration (MBA) student. I have had the pleasure of serving in GPSA in a variety of ways during my tenure here with the goal of working to better the lives of students during their time at ASU and beyond. As Director of Federal Government Affairs, I will utilize my experience working in congressional policy to lead efforts in advancing GPSA’s legislative interests at the federal level. Outside of academics and extracurriculars, you can find me enjoying a game of squash at the SDFC

Michelle Castagne

Michelle Castagne, Director of Advocacy

Michelle Castagne is a second-year law student at the Sandra Day O'Conner College of Law. Michelle is interested in working in law and policy to improve health outcomes and strengthen food systems. She has a background in government relations and policy analysis and looks forward to bringing this knowledge to the GPSA Director of Advocacy position. In her free time, Michelle enjoys gardening and playing hockey.

Paige Price, Director of Travel

I am in my second year of the Master's in Sustainable Solutions program. I am focusing on international development and post disaster recovery. I joined GPSA as the Director of Travel because I believe travel support is needed to ensure graduate students the best experience and education.

Neelakshi Rajeev, Director of Research

I am a Second year PhD student at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. I joined GPSA to be involved in constantly improving the student experience at graduate school through support, engagement and advocacy. Fun fact: my curls reflect my mood.

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