GPSA Wellness Corner


Click here to read our latest wellness corner interview with Mercedes Anderson about Sexual and Relationship Violence prevention and resources.

Click here to read our latest wellness corner interview with Erin Trujilo, Director of ASU Counseling Services, about mental health awareness and resources at ASU.


GPSA Student Discount List

Take a look at the discounts you can receive as an ASU graduate or professional student. Categories include: entertainment, food, transporation, clothing, education, and others!

GPSA Wellness Resource Document

Ever wondered what the health fee is for? Click here to learn more about what our wellness office does, how it supports you as a student, and what perks you might be missing out on! Also, check out our wellness corner in the Newsletter.

GPSA Wellness Mentoring Compact

This content is currently on the “Mentor the Whole Student Campaign” page across the top:

This compact is intended to help both the faculty professor (the mentor) and graduate or professional student (the mentee) create a healthy mentoring relationship, including:
- Open communication
- Clear and realistic expectations and deadlines
- A joint commitment to focus on the mentee’s well-being and education