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Success goes hand in hand with wellness and health. Our goal is to enhance your knowledge, skills, health, and wellness. We are committed to promoting health, wellness, and safety at the ASU by informing graduate students with the various wellness services that are provided at ASU.


Mentoring and Well-being Summit
GPSA will be holding its first ever Mentoring and Well-being Summit on March 12 and 13! This two-day event aims to enhance the graduate student experience through improving mentoring. On day one we'll offer training for graduate students and faculty to learn the tools necessary to create an inclusive mentoring environment for their peers, students, and community. Day two will consist of a keynote speaker, (ASU Women's Golf Coach, Missy Farr-Kaye!), panels, and spotlight on mentoring initiatives at ASU. View the whole schedule here. Questions? Email
When: March 12 & 13
Where: Student Pavilion, Tempe

Wellness Hikes

Dust off your hiking boots and meet us on the trails November 17! If you need a carpool, be at Fulton Parking Garage at 8 am or just meet us at Mormon Trailhead at 9 am. We will hike to Fat Man’s Pass (~4 miles). Items to bring: hiking shoes, water, snacks, a friend! Dogs are welcome and it will be free!

November 17, 2018 at 9 am. Register here


  1. Connect graduate and professional students with existing ASU Wellness Resources by (1) creating an easy-to-navigate document covering all available resources and (2) promoting existing wellness resources in the new “Wellness Corner” of the bi-monthly GPSA newsletter.
  2. To promote a healthier mentor/mentee relationship between faculty and students, we will launch the “Mentor the Whole Student” campaign which will consist of multiple resources (videos and documents) that will work to improve the wellness and mental health of graduate and professional students.
  3. Advocate at the university level for numerous initiatives that will promote graduate and professional student wellness.
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