Office of Wellness

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Success goes hand in hand with wellness and health. Our goal is to enhance your knowledge, skills, health, and wellness. We are committed to promoting health, wellness, and safety at the ASU by informing graduate students with the services that provided at ASU regarding different aspects of health and wellness.

Community Supported Agriculture Program

GPSA, ASU Sustainability, and Blue Sky Organics are teaming up to provide a wonderful opportunity to get fresh, local produce from area organic farms. Community Support Agriculture programs (CSAs) provide baskets of food on a weekly basis for a small fee.

The delicious produce will be coming from the local farm Blue Sky Organics. Check out their website to see the wide variety of fresh food they include.

Cost: Each box will cost $26 for a total of $208 during the 8-week period.

To sign up: Head to, select the Wrigley Hall drop-off location and proceed through the prompts.

The pick-up location will be the third floor of Wrigley Hall, on the north end of Tempe campus.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for the upcoming events that we are going to have soon!
  • Wellness fair
  • Outdoors adventures
  • Group exercise
  • Wellness retreat

GPSA Cares About Your Wellbeing!

We have been and will continue to collaborate with various campus organizations to help promote, support, encourage, and advocate for your health and wellness.

Collaboration Organization:

Please feel free to let us know your suggestions and questions in order to improve the quality of wellness and health.

How to Get Involved

There are a number of volunteer and leadership roles within this team, meaning you can be involved as you’d like to be! We will have plenty of remote meeting & involvement options, so don’t let distance get you down!

Interested? Fill out the GPSA Wellness Team Interest Form and indicate how much (or little) you’d like to be involved. If you’d like to take on a leadership role within our GPSA Wellness, tell us why. This is a wonderful way to contribute to your GPSA Service, and be a part of ASU! The ASU Wellness group will have 1-2 meetings per semester to discuss how Health and Wellness relate to students from a strategic perspective.

General ASU Health and Wellness resources can be accessed at