Health Insurance Guide

ASU Graduate Students’ Health Insurance “Cheat Sheet”

Purchasing the right Health Insurance plan is confusing enough, not to mention knowing how to use it. This “Cheat Sheet” provides you with some important info on how to use your insurance plan, different terms, and knowing the difference between your co-pay, deductible, and more!  For more complete information, please visit the ASU Health Services website.

Insurance terms you need to know:

(Definitions provided with help from the glossary on

Premium: the amount you pay for your health insurance each month. Like a monthly gym membership fee, this payment allows you to keep your coverage (membership), whether or not you use it. Aetna student insurance charges a premium per semester, rather than per month. For certain graduate students with TA, RA, or other employment benefits, ASU covers the cost of the premium as part of your employment package. The cost of summer’s premium is included in the spring semester premium.

Deductible: the amount you pay before your plan begins to cover specified services. If your deductible is $250 for the insured year, you’ll pay all of your eligible expenses until the bills total $250 (after that, you’ll start with other forms of cost sharing, below). You only have to meet your deductible once per policy year.

Coinsurance: a form of cost sharing between the health insurance company and you, this is a percentage amount you pay (for example, you pay 20%, while your insurance plan pays 80%) for a specified service after the deductible has been met. You pay your coinsurance rate until you’ve met your out of pocket maximum for the year (see below).

Copay: another form of cost sharing, this is a fixed amount you pay for specified health care services, either paid or billed at the time of service. The amount can vary depending on the service. Note whether you pay a copay or coinsurance or both for a service is determined by your policy and depending on the type of service.

Out of pocket maximum: the highest amount you would pay for covered medical expenses in a plan year. Once your expenses exceed the out of pocket maximum, insurance covers 100% of costs.

Preferred Provider (In-Network): A provider (doctor, hospital, specialist, urgent care, etc.) contracted with your health plan that provides the best benefit at the least cost to the member. Note, you must follow the health plan’s guidelines such as obtaining referrals and prior authorizations when necessary.

Your Health Insurance is provided through Aetna Student Health.

Preferred Care Benefits include:

  • Low copays at ASU Health Services and ASU counselingLow deductibles for medical care and prescriptions
  • Low coinsurance responsibility
  • Low maximum out of pocket limit .
  • Preventive care at no cost
  • A full explanation of benefits for 2017-2018 can be found here.
  • You can find information on travel assistance here.



Domestic Students: You must enroll via myASU under “Campus Services-> Health and Wellness” before the third week of the semester to receive benefits.

Summer deadline*:  6/2/2018 for coverage through 8/15/18
*Future deadlines will be shared once set by the ASU  and Aetna.

Domestic Students, please visit this webpage to learn about different enrollment options.
International Students: You are automatically enrolled in Aetna Student Health insurance when you register for classes. ASU insurance is mandatory for all International F1 & J1 students except for approved sponsored students listed on the ASU Health Services International Student webpage.

Once enrolled, all students are automatically re-enrolled each semester. Domestic students may cancel their enrollment via myASU under “Campus Services-> Health and Wellness-> Health Insurance” before the third week of the semester to cancel benefits.

If enrolled, your Aetna Student Health insurance is effective 4 weeks before the start of the Fall semester.
Insurance Card: Get your insurance card here and carry it with you at all times.

There is also a free mobile app for Apple and Android devices (search for “Aetna mobile” in your app store) where you can search for in-network providers, urgent care locations, manage prescriptions, view your insurance claims and bills, and find a copy of your insurance card

Many providers will accept an electronic copy of your insurance card, but you should still have a physical paper copy of your card even if you have the app, as the providers will need to make a copy of your card.

Where to receive health care with your student insurance

Your first stop to receive health care are ASU Health Services and ASU Counseling. These services are open to all students, staff, and faculty. In case of an emergency you should dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

You also have the option to see off-campus specialists/providers but you must first obtain a referral from an ASU Health Services provider.

Visit for in-network providers close to each of the main campuses when ASU Health Services is closed.

Services available at ASU Health Services

Vision: your health insurance policy allows for one yearly visit to any eye specialist within the Aetna network for general check up.

Dental: A dental insurance or discount plan can be purchased separately at

To see which locations offer which services visit:

Bridge Plan

If you have outside health insurance, it may not cover everyday health expenses like preventive or routine visits, lab tests, x-rays or consultations with an on-campus specialist. Many outside insurance plans require a higher deductible, or will not provide coverage when the student is “out of network.”

ASU Health Services now offers a discount program for students not enrolled in the ASU Aetna Student Health Plan to pay for some of these services. This is not an insurance policy, but it is a way to reduce your total health care costs for certain services at ASU Health Services. Enrollment in the Bridge Plan is available throughout the semester (no enrollment deadline).

Enroll by signing in at My ASU, under Campus Resources, click on Health & Wellness, then click Enroll/Cancel ASU Health Services Bridge Plan. Once enrolled, all students are automatically re-enrolled. Students may cancel their enrollment via myASU under “Campus Services-> Health and Wellness-> Bridge Plan” before the third week of the semester to cancel benefits.

Dependent Coverage: ASU Aetna Student Health Insurance does not offer dependent coverage. If you need assistance regarding health care options for your dependent, please contact ASU Health Services’ Patient Advocate, Louis Galaz, at 480-727-2404/

Important contacts: