Office of the President

Wellness International Relations Public Relations Diversity and Inclusion Outreach

Within the Office of the President there are five departments:


Ever wondered what the health fee is for? Click here to learn more about what our wellness office does, how it supports you as a student, and what perks you might be missing out on! Also, check out our wellness corner in the Newsletter.

International Student Affairs

GPSA is here to support all grad students, including those who are international. Learn how our office helps international students build community and develop professionally at ASU.

Diversity and Inclusion

GPSA is here to ensure that our diverse graduate student body is supported. Learn more about what GPSA is doing to support all of our graduate students.


Our outreach directors for the Downtown, Polytechnic, and West campuses help to ensure that graduate students across all campuses are engage in GPSA. Find out more about what's happening on your campus!

Public Relations

You know those sassy emails and hilarious social media posts? Ever wonder where they come from? Check out our PR department and learn about all of the behind the scenes work we’re doing to not only get you the news but make it fun!