Office of Public Relations

You know those sassy emails and hilarious social media posts? Ever wonder where they come from? In the PR department, we try to get the news out while having fun!


The PR team of GPSA is dedicated to the promotion of all things GPSA! Here PR Request Form is a link to our PR request form if you would like us to help you create something for your upcoming event.


Here is what you can and cannot request:
- ANY student event or organization may submit their request to be included on our social media channels and on our events calendar.
- ONLY GPSA events are included in our newsletter and can request print promotional materials.


The PR Team

April Fischer
Executive Director of PR

Ninja of design, wizard of grammar

Wei Xu
Director of  Digital Marketing

Email connoisseur, voice of Sassy GPSA

Rachel Moss
Director of  Print Marketing

Email connoisseur, voice of Sassy GPSA

Janani Anand
Director of Information Technology
Ex officio member

The girl who wonders!

Denise Delgado
Director of Social Media Communications (DT/West)

The brains, beauty, and star of the GSC