Department of Wellness Pillars – Social


1. Maintain your circle of trust

Determine who your primary supports are and make it a priority to stay in touch. Provide this circle regular updates on how things are going, even when you get busy.

2. Connect with a mentor

Try connecting with a mentor through your college by talking with your faculty or advisors about your goals and challenges.

3. Get involved on campus

Join graduate student organizations (GSOs) to get involved in your community and socialize with new people.



A resource for more information on GSOs.

Other Important Campus Resources

Disability Resource Center

Phone: 480-965-1234
FAX: 480-965-0441


Downtown Phoenix
Post Office, Suite 201

Sutton Hall – Suite 201

Matthews Center building, 1st floor

University Center Building, Room 304

ASU Police

Life-threatening emergencies: 911
Non-emergencies: 480-965-3456

ASU Behavior Response Team
How to engage the BRT:
Call 911 in an emergency.
Call ASU Police 480-965-3456.
Call the Employee Assistance Office 480-965-2271.
Notify the Office of Human Resources through you HR partner or call 480-965-6608.
Use the LiveSafe App.