Department of Wellness Pillars – Mental


1. Exhaustion and burnout are not badges of honor

2. Prioritize to increase efficiency

Managing your time reduces stress and maximizes productivity. Keep a weekly schedule, plan out your day, and practice self-care.

3. Ask for help when needed

If you notice any symptoms of stress like prolonged difficulty concentrating, increased anxiety, intense frustration or feeling out of control or overwhelmed, reach out for help. Whatever it is that you are working through, keep in mind that you are not alone.

4. Maximize your study space

A designated study area will assist you in distraction reduction. Ideally, this area should not be used for any other activity, as the goal is to condition yourself to associate the space with focused work. Make sure the area is aesthetically pleasing and has plenty of natural light.

5. Maximize your sleep space

An organized room leaves an organized mind. Keep your bedroom a bedroom. Avoid eating, watching TV, or doing work in this room so your mind and body don’t associate it with anything but sleep and relaxation.

6. When Feeling Overwhelmed

When feeling overwhelmed, do the following:
5 Deep breaths
Take 5 deep inhales and exhales before moving onto the next step or trying to solve the problem at hand.
4 minutes of silence
Set a timer and close your eyes for four minutes. This gives your brain a chance to process what’s happening.
3 things you’re grateful for
Gratitude helps put things into perspective. Remember that this problem can and will be managed.
2 things you can get done
Break the problem down into two or more small, manageable tasks. Write them down.
1 reason why this is important
Your thoughts and feelings matter. You will be more successful if you take the time to take care of yourself.


ASU Counseling Services

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EMPACT’s 24-hour ASU-dedicated crisis hotline: 480-921-1006

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