Teaching Excellence Award Winners

Fall 2018

Read here about the amazing Fall Teaching Award Winners, their experience, and their work on behalf of ASU. If you or someone you know might be interested in applying for this award, you can find more information about spring awards here.
Abigail Howell
Phd Molecular and Cellular Biology
Andi Hess
PhD in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology
Armando Pena
PhD in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences
Benjamin Pyenson
PhD in Biology
Calvin Koelbel
MS in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Chanler Hilley
Ph.D. in Family and Human Development
Danielle Brager
PhD in Applied Mathematics
Deena Gould
PhD in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies
Eric Brown
PhD in English: Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies
Jackson Liguori
Counseling Psychology
Jameien Taylor
PhD in Communication
John Romero
PhD in History
Jonathan Jackson
Phd in Biology
Julia Judson-Garcia
PhD Mathematics Education
Katelyn Vincent
Master of Music, Composition; Pedagogy of Music Theory, Cert.
Katherine Hebert
PhD in Psychology (Cognitive Science)
Kimberly Olney
PhD Evolutionary Biology
Marina Lauck
PhD in Environmental Life Sciences
Megan Fitzhugh
PhD in Neuroscience
Nayibe Azzad
Phd in Spanish
Ryan Davila
PhD in Biology with a Concentration in Biology and Society
Samantha Vandermeade
PhD in Gender Studies
Sarah Okey
PhD in Clinical Psychology
Tyler Rife
PhD in Communication
Xiomara Nunez-Rodriguez
PhD in Spanish