Office of Professional Development

The GPSA Office of Professional Development (PD) recognizes graduate student achievement in teaching, research, advocacy, and mentorship. It also recognizes ASU faculty and staff who extensively support and contribute to the graduate community. Please click on each award below to see Awards Deadlines. The Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) is awarded in the Fall and Spring semesters while the rest are only in the Spring. If you would like to be part of the Awards process in the role of a Reviewer, please email us at We accept Reviewers year round. In addition to awards, we organize several large events, on and off campus, for graduate students to socialize and enjoy a fun break from their work. Please see the GPSA calendar for event dates. The Professional Development Committee is led by the Vice President of Professional Development, Director of Awards, and Director of Events, and is open for any graduate student to join.


Amelia Miholca, Vice President of Professional Development

Teaching Excellence Award

The Teaching Excellence Award recognizes graduate and professional students who exemplify excellence in education and classroom instruction. Teaching assistants/associates, and instructors at any ASU campus are eligible to apply for this award. Learn more. View Award Winners.

Outstanding Research Award

The Outstanding Research Award recognizes graduate and professional students who demonstrate excellence in research at ASU. All current graduate and professional students across all campuses are eligible to apply for this award. Learn more.

Arijit Guha Advocacy Award

The Arijit Guha Graduate Student Advocacy Award awarded in memory of ASU graduate student, Arijit Guha, who brought unprecedented attention to the issue of coverage caps in student health care.  Learn more.

Outstanding Mentor Award

The Outstanding Mentor Award, administered by the GPSA Office of Professional Development, recognizes graduate and professional students from all ASU campuses who demonstrate excellence in mentorship. Learn more.

Outstanding Staff Award

This award recognizes ASU support staff (not students or faculty) who have contributed significant effort in helping graduate and professional students at ASU. Learn more.

Centennial Professorship

This award is recognizes engaged scholarship, emerging leadership, dedication to community service and demonstration of student-centered practices Learn more.