Assembly Members

The Assembly is the parliamentary branch of ASU’s Graduate Student government, and meets on a monthly basis to review executive activities, vote, and pass language on student concerns. The 38 Assembly Member seats represent over 15,000 graduate and professional students from 5 campus locations and online. Assembly members are individually responsible for understanding and communicating the interests of their schools to their respective college/school administrative leadership, and supporting Graduate Student Organization (GSO) leaders in developing our community. Collectively, the Assembly is responsible for oversight of the Executive branch’s activities, including approval of the annual GPSA ~$1,000,000 budget and student advocacy agenda, as well as monthly GPSA events, monthly GSO funding, and legislative bills.

Interested in becoming an Assembly Member?

The Assembly meets once a month, typically on the 2nd or 3rd Friday from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Each Assembly member is expected to be on two different committees, which also meet once a month. The expected time commitment is an average of 3-5 hours per week including attending social events.

The procedures for becoming an Assembly member are outlined below. Please send the requested materials to the Assembly President ( via email two weeks before the next Assembly meeting.

  1. Your ASU ID number and program name as listed below.
  2. A brief (1-page max) cover letter explaining why you would like to join the Assembly.
  3. A current Resume or CV highlighting your service and research interests.
  4. Attend the next Assembly meeting. We will ask you to introduce yourself to the Assembly and tell us why you would like to join and how you would like to serve our graduate student body. Per our Bylaws, you must be present to become an Assembly Member.

If there are more candidates than seats for a given program, we will confirm the member that receives the most Assembly votes. Candidates may also apply for At-Large seats, and vacant seats are typically converted to At-Large seats in January of each year.


Current Assembly Members

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Humanities


Fred Agbemade, ( Member since: April 2016

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Natural Sciences


  • Claire Crowther, ( Member since: February 2016

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Life Sciences

  • Christian Ross ( Member since: August 2017

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Social Sciences

  • Sarah Hall ( Member since: September 2017

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – At-Large

  • Alexis Abboud ( Member since: August 2017

Teachers College (2)

Kevin Winn

  • Kevin Winn, ( Member since: May 2016


  • Lydia Ross, ( Member since: September 2016

Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts (3)


  • Alex Meszler ( Member since: January 2017

Amelia Miholca GPSA pic

  • Amelia Miholca ( Member since: February 2017

  • Ishan Garg ( Member since: September 2017

Ira A Fulton School of Engineering (7)


  • Kaushik Gandhi ( member since: January 2017


  • Chelsea Johnson, ( Member since: August 2016


  • Eran Schweitzer ( Member since: October 2016
  • Yash Garg, (, Member since: April 2017

  • Madhankumar Arulanandam ( Member since: August 2017

  • Surya Iyer ( Member since: November 2017

  • Usama Awais ( Member since: February 2017

Sandra Day O’ Connor College of Law (3)

Kevin Morrow

  • Kevin Morrow, ( Member since: May 2016

  • Hannah Phalen, ( Member since: November 2017
  • Vacant

College of Integrative Sciences & Arts (formerly Letters and Sciences) (1)

  • Jenny Holzapfel ( Member since: January 2018

Cronkite School of Journalism (1)

  • Vacant

Future of Innovation in Society (1)

  • Marcela Jarquin ( Member since August 2017

Health Solutions (1)


  • Gladys Yu, (, Member since: April 2017

New College Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (1)

  • Courtney Gutierrez ( Member since: October 2017

College of Nursing & Health Innovation (1)

  • Tara Bautista ( Member since January 2018

Thunderbird (1)

  • Vacant

College of Public Service & Community Solutions (3)

  • Vacant

  • Soraya Jennings ( Member since: November 2017

School of Sustainability (1)


  • Nicholas Weller ( Member since: April 2017

W.P. Carey School of Business (3)

  • Arjona Andoni ( Member since: September 2017

  • Alwin Dsouza (, Member since: October 2017
  • Vacant

At-Large (4)

  • Siavosh Naji-Talakar,, Member since: September 2017

  • Abdurazak Abdurhman ( Member since: October 2017

  • Samantha Whitman ( Member since: November 2017
  • Gokul Vijayamoorthy ( Member since: January 2018

  • Petrit Gashi ( Member since: January 2018

  • Raghu Narayanan Pradeep ( Member since: February 2018
  • Wenxi Yang ( since: March 2018



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