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The GPSA Assembly represents graduate and professional students from colleges and schools across all ASU campuses and online students. Assembly Members are elected each spring and serve year long terms. Outside of our normal elections, the Assembly can fill empty seats by vote at monthly Assembly Meetings. Assembly seats are allocated based on enrollment for each school.

Meetings occur on the 3rd Friday of each month during the Spring and Fall semesters from 2-5pm.

Search below for the Assembly Member representing your school.

Want to join the Assembly for 2020-2021? Below are the current vacant seats. Submit a one-page formal cover letter (pdf format with signature), your ASU ID, and your resume/CV to by 11:59pm on Friday, February 12, 2020 (you will need to include your ASU ID in that application). Note: You’ll need to attend the GPSA Assembly Meeting on February 17, 2021 from 2-5 pm to be considered for the seat. The meeting shall be held online via Zoom.

Update for Spring 2021: Any open seat may be applied to by any current graduate or professional student enrolled in at least one (1) unit of graduate-level coursework for the remainder of the 19th Legislative Session (through the April Assembly meeting).

Open Assembly Seats

  • College of Integrative Sciences and Arts (1)
  • Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication (1)
  • Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions (2)

Meet Your Assembly

Brandon Favre --- Assembly President/Assembly Member - The College Life Sciences

Hi there! I’m a 2nd-year PhD student in the molecular and cellular biology program in the School of Life Sciences (SoLS). I did my undergraduate degrees and my MS at ASU, and as soon as I started my MS, I wanted to give back to the SoLS community that had given me so much. Now, in my third year as an Assembly member and as this year’s Assembly President, I seek to continue my efforts to advocate for improved mental health resources for graduate and professional students, to discover new ways to fund and support graduate and professional student research, and to make the Assembly (and ASU as a whole) as equitable, transparent, and accessible as possible. Fun fact: despite having lived in Arizona my entire life, I love skiing, and I helped to bring the ski club back to ASU during my undergraduate career!

Christine Lewis --- Assembly member for The Graduate College At-Large
Hello,  I am a US Army veteran and a chemistry PhD candidate at Biodesign/SMS. I work on an interdisciplinary bioenergy project. I joined GPSA because we work to represent the graduate student needs in areas of higher education and policy supporting a healthy student lifestyle. I am an assembly member representing the student at-large graduate student population. In the assembly, I am the college committee chair, and a member of the professional development, external affairs and innovation committees.  I love wGPSA because it is so positive. We advocate for veterans, positive mentoring, innovation, funding and the overall well-being of grad students.

Jonathan P. Roll --- Assembly member for The Graduate College At-Large
As a Masters of Science & Technology Policy student, my interests lie at the intersection of international political economy, STS, and the commercialization of outer space. I attended USAFA, Univ. of Maryland, and George Mason, completing a political science undergraduate degree in 2009. I then pursued a number of missions across the music, fitness, and political sectors. These experiences combined with extended global travel and a military upbringing abroad have kept me immersed and interested in new cultures, perspectives, and organizational systems. As an at-large Assemblyman, athlete, and researcher at ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative on campus, I am committed to leveraging this exploratory passion into effective advocacy for graduate students of every background.

Brandon Thornton --- Assembly member for The Graduate College At-Large
I’m a third-year PhD Student of Physics who obtained his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics right here at ASU. Almost as soon as I entered the PhD program, I started seeing ways that graduate life could be improved. I joined the Assembly to help solve the problems I’ve seen so far and discover new ones, especially those that contribute to undue pressures on the lives of graduate students.

Eric Wilson --- Assembly member for The Graduate College At-Large

Carmen Ortega-Santos --- Assembly member - College of Health Solutions
I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences (ENS) program and serve as the student representative at my program. My goal is to represent and be the liaison to all the graduate students in my college to GPSA opportunities. I believe that in higher education, we are responsible for serving the community; this is one of the means that I use to assist my fellow graduate students. I also volunteer as a youth mentor in STEM and athletics at the Future For Kids after school program. I am originally from San Sebastian, Spain, moved to the Phoenix metropolitan area three years ago. I love water sports, cooking, and live music.

Dakota Hohenwalter --- Assembly member - College of Health Solutions
I am a second-year Master’s student, studying Exercise and Wellness (EXW) at the College of Health Solutions. I received my BS in EXW here, at ASU. I am currently focusing my studies on developing effective injury prevention programs and initiatives for tactical populations such as soldiers within the United States Army. In addition to representing my fellow graduate students, I also represent the student veteran population. I hope to be able to use my position as an assembly member to create an environment that fosters innovation and inclusiveness for all students.

Aaron Cromar --- Assembly Parliamentarian/Secretary
Assembly member - Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Hello! I am a 3rd-year Ph.D. student at the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation. My service in and involvement with GPSA over the past two years is reflective of my commitment to the idea that we all have a story -- a narrative that defines us -- who were are and who we want to be. As a professional, I am thrilled by the idea of being able to hear, embrace, and share stories with the world. I believe that people are capable of incredible things when they have the help and support they need. Every great vision is achieved one step at a time, and I love being there every step of the way. My goal is to enable people to manage their talents, skills, abilities, and recognize opportunities for success. All challenges are opportunities to find and maintain forward momentum while also fostering a culture where people are empowered to serve others. One great lesson I learned as a child is that all great leaders are servants first. Born originally in Utah, I spent most of my life living in Washington State and consider it home. I love the outdoors, mountaineering, and am an avid snow enthusiast, occasionally resistantly residing in Gilbert, Arizona.

Abi Gómez --- Assembly member - Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation
I am a third-year Ph.D. nursing student at the Edson College. As a nurse, I have a special interest in the wellbeing of our community, especially the older population with chronic conditions and their caregivers. Joining the GPSA offers me the opportunity to continue advocating for the diverse needs of our community. I enjoy classic hard rock and jazz music and I play the electric bass - named Lily- in a classic rock band.

Carly Thalman --- Assembly member - Engineering At-Large
Hello everyone! I am a 4th PhD student in Systems Engineering, studying and researching wearable soft robots for rehabilitation. I was a Sun Devil through my undergrad and master’s degrees, and am now planning to graduate with my PhD from ASU! Through GPSA, I will work to create and cultivate a platform for graduate students to feel heard and respected. I believe it is critical to increase and encourage transparency and communication between students, university administration, and other governing organizations within ASU. I will focus my efforts on providing opportunities to empower students to voice concerns in a way that enacts meaningful change within GPSA and ASU and a whole. I am passionate about issues pertaining to sexual and relationship violence, and building and maintaining healthy relationships on and off campus.

Hadi Ali --- Assembly member - Engineering at-large
I study the relationship between and among adaptability, risk taking and value making. I enjoy both the creative side and the analytic side of the way we solve problems and explore new frontiers. I'm passionate about enriching the intellectual life in the graduate experience on our beautiful campuses. I also enjoy practicing karate. Please stop by and say "Hi!" I share what I learn on my website:


Sumit Mane --- Assembly Member - CIDSE
Hi all, I am currently pursuing Masters in Industrial Engineering at Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. I did my undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering from India. Being a part of GPSA for the last one year, this time I’m serving as an Assembly member. I’m looking forward to make sure graduate students have a better experience over the course of their stay in ASU. In addition to this, I would love to present ideas to make ASU more sustainable and enjoyable. Apart from being a graduate student, I have keen interest in photography and I love to explore new places.

Nitin Mishra --- Assembly Member - School of Electrical Computer & Energy Engineering

Niveditha Muthukrishnan --- Assembly Member - Engineering SBHSE
Hello from the GPSA Assembly! I am a Niveditha Muthukrishnan (Nivi), a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering. By being a part of GPSA, I will work towards creating transparent and equal opportunities for all graduate students. I am passionate about creating a grad school environment that emphasizes physical, mental, and financial wellness for all students. I am also excited to contribute by being a part of the professional development, wellness, and engineering committees of GPSA.

Ameyalli Santibañez --- Assembly Member - Engineering SSEBE
I am a master’s student in the Civil, Environmental and Sustainability program. Throughout the course of the M.S. program I will be studying sustainable development and sustainable measures in the built environment. As a GPSA representative I plan to serve and provide input from all graduate students' and help improve the graduate student experience. I am an Arizona native and enjoy traveling with my family.

Sanchit Singhal --- Assembly Member - SEMTE
I am a graduate student in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (EE) at ASU, Tempe. I aspire to utilize my passion for robotics to solve cutting-edge problems in the fields of automation, security and information technology. I like to work collaboratively alongside diverse viewpoints. I am prepared to leverage my subject expertise as well as my strong leadership, time management, and interpersonal skills to make an immediate and positive impact on students at ASU.
Fun fact: I love adventure sports and traveling.

Catelyn Hawkins --- Assembly Member - Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts
Hi everybody! My name is Catelyn Hawkins and I am pursuing a masters degree in saxophone performance in the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts (HIDA). I completed my undergraduate studies in music education at Texas Christian University and look forward to continuing studying music as a member of ASU music ensembles and my saxophone trio, h3líos. My goal is to advocate for those in the arts community, facilitate a collaborative environment for all graduate and professional students at ASU, and create awareness of resources GPSA has to offer during these unprecedented times.

Brooke Mickelson --- representative - Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts
Hi! I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Nancy Buck’s viola studio pursuing a Master's of Music Performance (Performance Pedagogy) with a Certificate in Music Entrepreneurship. I have a strong investment in arts outreach and advocacy. I joined GPSA to support arts students in new COVID world as well as to explore how we can use our craft to uplift underprivileged populations. Please reach out to me to discuss how GPSA can help you adapt and grow from these circumstances or to propose social justice and equity initiatives.

Maria Hodge --- Assembly Member - Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
My name is Maria Hodge and I am a 3L at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. I serve on the Downtown, Wellness, and Professional Development committees. I look forward to representing my constituents by introducing bills supporting physical and mental health of graduate students.

Danny Goldberg --- Assembly Member - Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law
My name is Danny Goldberg and I am a 2L at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. During my term as an Assembly Member, I look forward to passionately and effectively representing the opinions of my constituents. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Daniella Fernandez Lertzman --- Assembly Member - College of Law
I’m Daniella Fernandez Lertzman and I’m a 2L at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. As a new Assembly member I look forward to representing my constituents and I’m especially interested in advocating for student’s wellness needs.

Beulah Supriya --- Assembly Member - New College
I’m a second year Master’s student in Communication from Hyderabad, India. I love learning new languages and new recipes. If you love Lord of the Rings, we have automatically become friends, I just don’t know it yet. I’m here to represent students and their needs. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email to know more about GPSA and how we can help you.

Alec Davies --- Assembly Member - Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
I am currently in my second year of pursuing a Master of Education in Secondary Education (Mathematics) from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. I want to be an advocate for my fellow Teachers College students and a liaison between them and the assembly. In addition to being a full-time teacher, I am also a member of the Teach For America program and previously graduated from ASU in 2018 with my bachelor’s. I am passionate about public service and will hopefully fulfill your expectations as a reliable and resourceful member of the assembly.

Kristie Zamora-Becker--- Assembly Member - Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

Jamal Brooks-Hawkins --- Assembly Member - The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Jamal is a 2nd year Gender Studies, PhD Student. He joined the GPSA because he believes in local politics, ensuring that voices are heard, and equity is a starting point not an outcome.

Michael Hall --- Assembly Member - The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Hi! I’m a 2nd year English Education PhD student in the Department of English. This is my first year representing The College and I’m honored to advocate for current and future graduate students at ASU. I look forward to serving in GPSA.

Marinela Golemi --- Assembly Member - Humanities
I am a fifth year PhD Candidate in English Literature. Last year I joined GPSA with an At-Large Assembly seat in order to become an active leader within my academic community. I have witnessed and participated in the impact GPSA has made in ASU graduate life, and I hope to continue my contributions to this organization and the constituents we represent as the Humanities Representative.

Jacob Garcia --- Assembly President Pro Tempore/Assembly Member - Natural Sciences
Hello! I’m a 5th year PhD Candidate in the School of Molecular Sciences and Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery. I have been involved in GPSA over the past two years and enjoy advocating for graduate student rights, thus improving the quality of student life here at ASU. Throughout my time at ASU, I have created graduate student organizations, held numerous events for graduate students, and continue to provide pressure on administration for improved conditions. I originally come from Colorado, love the outdoors, and can be a bit of an adrenaline junkie!

Leaniva Tuala --- Assembly Member - Thunderbird
I am working towards my Master of Global Management with an emphasis in Social Responsibility, which is the study of Global Business and Global Affairs (MBA equivalent) . I intend to use my business education for good, with a “think global, act local” mindset, by addressing the social determinants of health that affect historically marginalized communities in the U.S. GPSA provides the platform to engage in my passion for student advocacy, accountability, transparancy and equity. The merging of Thunderbird and ASU is still relatively new and one of a kind. It is my goal to create a more symbiotic and sustainable relationship between the two entities so current and future Tbirds are able to thrive at ASU.

Justa Daniela Lopez --- Assembly Member - Public Service and Community Solutions
Being the eldest daughter of immigrant parents has given Justa a different perspective on life. She recognized the boundaries that were put in place by this country that made it harder for her parents to achieve the “American Dream”. Justa was born and raised right here in the valley, Arizona being her true home. Justa is a Public Allies Fellow, Student Ambassador for Feed the Children, former intern for Congressman Raul Grijalva, former League of Arizona Cities and Towns communication intern, Deputy Field Director for Yassamin Ansari's campaign for Phoenix City Council District 7 and an ACE Scholar. She currently attends Watts College as an MPA student, hoping to be in a leadership position in the future to help Arizona grow and become a more inclusive environment.

Veronica Aguilar --- Assembly Member - W.P. Carey School of Business
I am a proud Arizona native and second student in the MBA Pro-Flex program at W.P. Carey School of Business. I am excited and proud to be an Assembly member to ensure all of my fellow peers voices are heard during a time when communication and collaboration is so important. As Associate Director of Alumni Career Services at ASU, I know the resources our university has to offer all of our graduate students including mentorship, support and professional development resources. I am excited to represent and advocate for W.P. Carey School of Business as a woman leader of color in GPSA.

Ann Agbaneje --- Assembly Member - W.P. Carey School of Business
I’m in the 2nd year of my MBA and I studied and practiced as an architect and project manager prior to that. My goal is to create more awareness for students about GPSA resources and also help with international student affairs. Outside of school, I'm beginning to enjoy watching the stock market, and the occasional art or graphic design project.

Taylor Evans --- Assembly Member - W.P. Carey School of Business
I am originally from Portland, Oregon and love the rain! I have been very fortunate to have traveled to many wonderful parts of the world, and lived in southern Brazil for two years doing missionary work. My last couple of years have been spent working for Nike, 2016 Rio Olympics, and Intel to name a few and am currently a 2nd year MBA student. I am proud to serve as an assembly member to increase the awareness within the W.P. Carey school of Business of the wonderful opportunities GPSA provides, and to further foster inclusion, relationship building, and professional development for all graduate students in preparation for the corporate environment.

Alexandra Hill --- Assembly Member - Online At-Large
I’m an online student pursuing a master’s in Sustainability Leadership. I am lucky enough to have attended ASU on-campus and online. Because of the great experiences I have had, I want to connect more online students with ASU resources and opportunities.
Please reach out to me to share your online experience or if you need help finding a resource.

Madril Diana --- Assembly Member - School for the Future of Innovation and Societ
Arizona native who loves the hot desert and enjoys being a part of the community. A proud mother currently in the graduate masters program Science and Technology Policy at the School for the Future of Innovation and Society. My vision is to forge a diverse space where many participate in the science and technology policy arena. Through collaboration, I would like to create a dynamic dialogue to shape my community in a sustainable direction.

Vacancy --- Assembly member for The Graduate College At-Large
Vacancy --- Assembly Member - Engineering Polytechnic School
Vacancy--- Assembly Member - College of Interdisciplinary Sciences and Arts
Vacancy --- Assembly Member - Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions


Vacancy --- Assembly Member - Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions


Vacancy --- Assembly Member - Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College


Vacancy--- Assembly Member - Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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