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Join the GRADAD Listserv for all your advertising needs. To include a message in this list, follow the Listserv Policies below and send your ad, exactly as you would like it to appear, to

GRADAD Policies

  • All messages must include an identifiable author clearly affiliated with ASU.
  • Messages must be free of profanity and racist/sexist language.
  • Messages MAY NOT consist of or be accompanied by attachments. Messages with attachments will be rejected automatically.
  • All messages will be approved by Listserv moderators before being posted to the list.
  • Listserv moderators have the right to withhold any message that does not meet the guidelines set forth in this policy.
  • Listserv moderators reserve the right to reject any posting for any reason.
  • Rejected messages typically will not be returned to sender, and you may not be notified that your message has been rejected.
  • Messages with same or similar content may not be posted more than once per week
  • Messages regarding recurring (e.g., weekly or monthly) events may not be posted more than twice per semester
  • Advertisements appearing to support any type of illegal or dangerous activity will not be posted
  • Posters who feel their advertisement has been unfairly rejected are free to revise and resubmit their ad
  • Ads from companies or businesses that are not run by and for ASU students will be rejected
  • GPSA is not responsible for sales conducted through the Listserv

Appropriate Messages for GRADAD

  • Advertisements for housing, household goods, textbooks, etc. posted by ASU graduate and professional students. Advertisements may ultimately be for goods/housing that are not owned by an ASU student but they must be sponsored by an ASU graduate or professional student
  • Job postings that are not ASU-affiliated
  • Off-campus events
  • Events hosted by non-student groups (not affiliated with SORC)
  • Searches for texts or materials
  • Calls for research participants

How to Submit a Message

To submit an advertisement on GRADAD, please send your ad, exactly as you would like it to appear, to