GPSA supports graduate students through a variety of services and programs.
Here are a few testimonials from ASU graduate students about how GPSA has helped them.


“I was awarded a generous travel grant by the ASU GPSA to present two posters that described results from my Ph.D. research at an international conference in San Francisco, CA. Through this opportunity, I presented my latest findings to respected colleagues and engaged in discussions that helped refine my professional goals and expand by academic network. Opportunities like this are critical to building the professional repertoire of ASU graduate students, which would not be possible without the paramount support provided by the GPSA.”

— David E. Haddad, Ph.D. student in Geological Sciences (ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration).

Haddad presenting in San Francisco.

Andrew Larsen ā€“ GPSA Travel Funding ā€“ July 2013

“Work in our lab focuses on identifying functional sequences within the human genome that help to regulate proteins production within our cells. Travel funding provided by the ASU Graduate and Professional Student Association allowed me to share this work at the Gordon Research Conference: Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Oligonucleotides. As a graduate student, this was not only an excellent opportunity to showcase research being conducted at ASU, but also to get feedback from experts in my field. In addition, I had the opportunity to hear about cutting edge research from around the US and the world and bring this knowledge back to my colleagues here at ASU. I would like to thank the GPSA for helping to support this fantastic opportunity.”

andrew larson