External Affairs

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The GPSA Office of External Affairs (EA) exists to advocate for, with, and on behalf of over 12,000 ASU graduate and professional students. This office oversees GPSA’s advocacy projects, organizes students around relevant issues, lobbies policy makers, and develops graduate student leaders. Each fall, the EA team drafts the GPSA Advocacy Agenda for GPSA Assembly approval, setting the policy priorities of the organization. This office also plays a key role in drafting internal GPSA bills to define stances on policy issues.

The Office of EA oversees the External Affairs Committee with the main purpose of drafting the Advocacy Agenda and other internal legislation and supporting that agenda through advocacy programming. This committee is open to any student. The team is led by the Vice President of External Affairs, the Director of Federal Government Affairs, Director of State and Local Government Affairs, and the Director of Advocacy.

Current Vice President of External Affairs

Hussein Mohamed

I am a 2nd year M.A. student in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences under the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, in the Social Justice and Human Rights program. I joined GPSA last year to pursue my passion for policy and advocacy, which I am excited to bring to the office of the Vice President of External Affairs. Outside of school and GPSA, I enjoy supporting various art initiatives across the valley.