Assembly Committees

Assembly Operations

Supports the office of the Assembly President to conduct the Assembly’s business, including: consistently meeting every month to review GSO Funding Applications (over $70,000 awarded per year), preparing GSO Funding Bills for Assembly vote, and nominating new member candidates to the Assembly to fill vacant seats.

Lydia Ross, Assembly President Pro Tempore – Chair


Government Operations

Supports the office of the Assembly President to conduct the Assembly’s business, including: managing changes to the GPSA  Bylaws, Constitution, and related policy and procedural materials. Members assist the Chair in reviewing and updating the content of these documents for the Assembly, as well as providing thoughtful recommendations for policy changes and amendments

Chris Rock, Assembly Secretary & Parliamentarian – Chair


Internal Affairs

Supports the Office of the Vice President of Internal Affairs in administration of GPSA Travel Grant Programs, as well as awards programs including the Teaching Excellent Award.

Sravani Vadlamani, Vice President of Internal Affairs – Chair


External Affairs

Supports the Office of the Vice President of External Affairs responsible for GPSA’s advocacy initiatives, including lobbying at the national, state, and university level. This committee drafts the language of the annual GPSA Advocacy Agenda that is ultimately approved by the Assembly.

Michelle Sullivan, Vice President of External Affairs – Chair


Professional Development

Supports the Office of the Vice President of Professional Development in administration of Awards Programs, as well promoting and executing numerous events throughout the year.

Jay Patel, Vice President of Professional Development – Chair


International Student Affairs

Identifies and addresses issues concerning ASU’s very large international student community. Members will be tasked with guiding and advising GPSA’s Officers and the Graduate Assembly regarding the interests and concerns of international students in GPSA’s programing, policies, advocacy, and business. This committee sometimes engages related departments at ASU.

Carlo Altamirano, Director of International Student Affairs– Chair



Acts as a liaison between Administration in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Dean’s Office and the graduate students of the College of Liberals Arts and Sciences.

Fred Agbemade– Chair

Assembly Committee Work

Committee work is where the Assembly truly takes shape. Assembly members become “experts” on the topic(s) by which their committee is charged. The Assembly and Executive Branch relies on opinions and recommendations from each committee in its area of expertise.

Committee work that can be expected:

  1. writing of Assembly bills
  2. review of Assembly bills
  3. recommendations on existing Assembly bills
  4. preparation of policy papers
  5. preparation of recommendation papers
  6. event planning
  7. budget considerations

Committees should prepare the following documents:

  1. A brief one-page summary of the scope and goals of the committee
  2. A timeline of tasks to be completed
  3. Minutes of every meeting (should be maintained by the chair, and be available upon request)
  4. Monthly reports of committee progress (Should be submitted to the President of the Assembly prior to the Assembly meeting to be included in Assembly packets.  Each committee will give an oral report of committee progress at each Assembly meeting)

Every committee should provide the one page summary, timeline of tasks, and monthly (or as many as is needed) reports to the Assembly President. Depending upon the scope of the committee, your committee may also be asked to send reports to the Vice Presidents and President of GPSA.


The Role of Committee Chairs

The goal for the Committee Chair is to provide the Committee with the structure it needs to complete the tasks, including:

  1. Scheduling meeting time, location, and reservations
  2. providing the necessary tools and documents for committee tasks
  3. developing an agenda for each meeting
  4. facilitating communication between members of committee
  5. facilitating communication between committee and other people

The Chair should appropriately schedule tasks to be timely and also take into consideration the time limitations of the various members of that committee.

To this end, the Chair is ultimately responsible for making sure that documents and events produced by the committee are professional and representative of GPSA, as these are ultimately public documents for the entire university.

*GPSA Bylaws call for certain committee chair and member positions to be afforded to the Assembly President, the Assembly President pro tempore, the Vice Presidents, and some directors.